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What to Expect.

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What to Expect.

Your pet deserves high-quality healthcare in a clean, modern facility, and you deserve great value and service. St. John's Affordable Animal Hospital has a veterinary team devoted to excellent care. Every day, we strive to live up to that promise with every client and pet owner.

It is an excellent idea to schedule an annual checkup for your pet. This comprehensive nose-to-tail physical examination can detect potential problems early—when the condition may be treated economically, with the least discomfort, and with the best possible outcome. A checkup may also reveal the need for preventive steps to avoid future health problems.

Just like their human owners, pets can suffer painful dental issues from decay and neglect. Even the best companion animals may not cooperate with home dental care. An annual professional cleaning keeps your pet's mouth healthy and breath fresh.

What can you do to assist in effective checkups? Keep a log of your pet's:

Surgeries, medical procedures, and treatments
Elimination habits, including urinary marking
Changes in physical appearance
New behaviors and mood shifts
Modifications to diet or daily routine

Bring this medical journal to your pet's veterinary appointment. Though the details may seem inconsequential, they give the doctor helpful insight. The information also brings a new veterinarian up to speed quickly, should you move and need to change practices.

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