Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming offers allergy testing in St. Johns & Jacksonville, FL

Just as humans do, dogs and cats develop allergies that may present a variety of symptoms including respiratory issues, skin conditions, and digestive problems. Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming provides allergy testing at our St. Johns & Jacksonville, FL locations and surrounding areas, to determine if your pet is having an allergic reaction to environmental factors.

Common cat and dog allergies

Pet allergy testing in St. Johns & Jacksonville, FL Any animal can develop allergies over the course of his or her lifetime. However, some dog breeds are more prone to allergies:

  • Terriers
  • Setters
  • Retrievers
  • Flat-faced breeds like pugs and bulldogs

Typical symptoms seen in dogs with allergies include itchy and red skin, increased scratching, constant licking, sneezing and coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, and swollen paws. Common dog allergens include grass, trees, pollen, mold, dust, dander, feathers, food ingredients, prescription drugs, cleaning products, grooming supplies, and certain fabrics.

Cats may also develop allergies over time. Common symptoms include itchy skin and eyes, sneezing and coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, and swollen paws. Cats can be allergic to many of the same things that impact dogs.

Cats and dogs allergy testing

The only way to know for sure if your pet’s symptoms are due to an allergy is have Dr. Venkat Gutta or Dr. Sri at our St. Johns office, or Dr. Amar in Jacksonville provide a thorough examination. During the exam, the vet may recommend allergy testing if the cause of your pet’s symptoms is likely due to an allergic reaction.

Based on the symptoms your dog or cat is exhibiting, the veterinarian will encourage testing for specific allergens. Allergy testing is done through blood tests and intradermal skin testing, which help to pinpoint allergens that may be causing discomfort or contributing to the condition. If food is a suspected cause, the doctor may also suggest a hypoallergenic diet to rule out pet food allergy.

Meet Dr. Venkat Gutta Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming

Dr. Venkat Gutta
Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming

At Blue Star Pet Hospital and Grooming, Dr. Venkat Gutta provides high-quality and modern veterinary services to all your furry friends! At Bluestar, Dr. Gutta and his team are committed to providing your pets with both a full-service Veterinary Hospital and a modern grooming salon (St. Johns location only) for dogs and cats. Our primary commitment is to provide your companion animals with the highest quality medical care. Dr. Gutta strongly believes in treating your four-legged companions as family members and providing them with excellent yet affordable veterinary care. At Bluestar, we also think that it is important to educate you, as a pet owner, and ensure that the unique needs of you and your pet are met at all times. Through Bluestar, Dr. Gutta and his team serve clients in Durbin Crossing, Jacksonville, St Augustine, St Johns, CR 210, and other areas. Whether it is pet vaccinations, surgery, techniques, advanced diagnostic testing, or even flea and tick control products, we give you access to the best and most cutting-edge treatments and technologies. At Bluestar, we believe that your pet is the STAR!

How Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming can help

If you think that your animal may be showing signs of allergies or an allergic reaction, please consult with the veterinary staff at Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming as soon as possible. After testing, the vet will recommend the best course of treatment and ways to avoid future reactions.

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