Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I think my pet is in pain. Is there anything I can give them over the counter at home?

Unfortunately, there is nothing over the counter that can be given for pain in pets.

Can my pet get COVID-19?

At this time there is no evidence that shows pets have become ill from COVID-19. While dogs do have a SARS virus, the virus is specific to dogs and effects the GI tract, typically causing severe diarrhea. We will continue to monitor information from the CDC and AVMA and if anything changes, we will be sure to update our pet parents!

Why do I need heartworm & flea prevention if I’m not seeing fleas and my pet only goes outside to potty?

This is a great question, and a very frequently asked question! Heartworm disease is a disease that is easily preventable but painful and expensive to treat. Heartworm disease comes from a simple mosquito bite. If you think about it, mosquitos don’t have boundaries that prevent them from entering the home, as the definitely won’t set off your house alarm. In addition to mosquitos being able to easily enter the home, unlike up north, in Florida we do not have a “mosquito season” and these pesky insects are around year long. Any time your pet goes outside, even if just for 1-2 minutes to potty, there is a chance they could be bitten by a mosquito. All it takes is one infected mosquito to infect your fur baby with this painful and deadly disease. For more information on heartworm disease visit the American Heartworm Society at:

When it comes to fleas, think of it this way: do you treat your home for termites even though you don’t see them and/or your home is not currently being damaged by them? Prevention is best! Why wait for your fur baby to be infested with fleas before treating? Flea allergy dermatitis (a skin contact allergy) is also very common of pets. A common myth is that in order for your pet to have a flea allergy, you would see the fleas on your pet. This is often not the case with a flea allergy. The most common allergy from the flea is its salvia, meaning once a flea bites, your pet can break out and have a terrible skin reaction, even if the flea is no longer on your pet. This will cause your pet to itch like crazy and can develop into a skin infection including hair loss, hot spots, and a very uncomfortable pet. Again, prevention is the best way to keep your pets healthy and their veterinary costs to a minimum.

What if my pet ate something it shouldn’t have?

Unfortunately, this depends on what your pet ate. We encourage you to call our hospital to discuss with our staff. Please keep in mind, there often time is nothing that can be done over the phone and does require a visit to the office so our veterinarian can perform a thorough examination to see how your pet is currently doing.

Although veterinarians are very knowledgeable, there are many things veterinarians may not be able to anticipate. There are so many things that can be toxic to pets, and that’s why pet poison hotlines were created. Pet poison hotlines have a very large data base and can let you know if your pet needs to see the veterinarian based off of what was ingested and how much was ingested. For more information on Pet Poison Hotline visit:, or

Does my pet really need to wear the E-cone?

YES! If your veterinarian recommended your pet wear an e collar, or cone of shame, it is because it is necessary for your pet to heal as quickly as possible. Unlike humans, pets cannot be told not to itch/scratch/lick or bite at things, and often this is their first instinct. If your veterinarian recommended an e collar to be worn at all times, it means at all times, including when you are “just taking a quick shower”, “just going to the bathroom”, etc. Pets are very good at being sneaky and depending on what the e collar is protecting, this could mean big problems for your pet and your wallet. Pets can break through multiple skin layers and even open incisions without stopping themselves! Please, if your veterinarian recommends your pet wear an e collar, make sure your pet does just that. If you have difficulties with your pet and wearing the e collar, give us a call to discuss. Sometimes there are some tricks that can help solve some common issues.

If I have more than one pet, can I get a discount for the other?

Unfortunately, we do not provide multi-pet discounts, as each pet uses their own diagnostic equipment and treatment supplies. We do offer discounted examination fees for litters and a free first pet visit for new clients!

Can I make payments on my pet’s bill?

We unfortunately are not able to offer any payment plans and full payment is due at the time services are rendered. We accept a variety of payment forms such as: cash, all major credit cards, CareCredit, and TruPanion pet insurance.

I found a pet. What should I do?

You are welcome to bring the pet into the office to scan for a microchip. We are unable to take or house any pets in our hospital. Please contact your local human society or animal care and protective services regarding when the pet can be dropped off with them.