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Pet Vaccinations

Cat and Dog Vaccinations at Bluestar Pet Hospital

No matter how lovable your pet may seem to you, there are countless invisible enemies out there who seek to do him harm. Deadly microorganisms can infect animals that lack the necessary antibodies to fight back against them. That's where cat and dog vaccinations can come to the rescue. Here at Bluestar Animal Hospital, we provide those all-important vaccinations for pets in Jacksonville, St. Johns, and surrounding parts of Florida.

dog getting vaccinated from our veterinarian in jacksonville, FL

How Vaccinations Help Your Pet

Vaccinations are critical for their ability to spur the body to produce natural germ-killers called antibodies. Normally the immune system makes antibodies in response to a disease threat. But first it has to encounter that disease -- and in an unprotected animal, that initial exposure could prove dangerous or even deadly. A vaccine represents the disease organism without posing the risk of disease, essentially fooling the immune system into manufacturing antibodies against the actual threat. 

From Puppy and Kitten Vaccinations to Booster Shots

Our veterinarian, Dr. Gutta, can begin administering puppy and kitten vaccinations at the age of 6 weeks -- around the time these pets are being weaned (and thus losing the antibodies they get through their mother's milk). Kitten and puppy vaccinations are given several times during that formative first year, allowing the protection to grow as your pet grows. Adult animals then need to receive booster shots to make up for vaccines that have lost their potency.

Kitten and puppy vaccinations may include both core vaccinations and elective vaccinations. Core vaccinations are considered necessary for all pets. Puppies receive parvo, rabies, hepatitis, and canine distemper vaccinations; cats receive feline distemper, rabies, calicivirus, and rhinotracheitis vaccinations.

Elective kitten or puppy vaccinations apply only to those animals whose lifestyles or surroundings place them at an elevated risk for specific diseases. Cats and dogs that spend time in boarding facilities, for example, should be vaccinated against Bordetella broncheseptica. Some dogs may benefit from Lyme disease or canine influenza vaccinations, while certain cats may need feline leukemia or  FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) vaccinations. Our veterinarian can advise you as to whether your pet may need any elective vaccinations on top of his core routine.

Get Your Pet Vaccinated at Either of Our Clinics

Vaccinations usually pose only minor risks for temporary side effects, such as fever and pain at the infection site. Allergic reactions are both rare and highly treatable -- while the immeasurable benefits you pet receives from the vaccinations makes these shots a smart move for your pet's health. Call Bluestar Pet Hospital at either of our offices to schedule core vaccinations, elective vaccinations, or booster shots for your beloved pet!



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