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Pet Grooming in St. Johns

Keeping your pets groomed is about more than making sure they look their best. Grooming on a regular basis is also important for their health and well-being. At Bluestar Pet Hospital, we offer dependable and affordable pet grooming in St Johns, St Augustine and neighboring towns and cities.

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Types of Cat and Dog Grooming Services

When you bring your pets to our pet hospital, keep in mind that we offer a wide range of cat and dog grooming services. Our services include:

  • Bathing
  • flea and tick control treatments
  • Spot on treatment to deodorize dogs.
  • Teeth cleaning and nail trims

Our groomers also provide treatment for itchy skin, shampoos that make lighter coats brighter and oatmeal shampoo for a healthy coat and skin. You can also have your pets’ teeth cleaned and have their nails trimmed. We even offer pedicures for pets.

Benefits of Pet Grooming

Pet grooming provides a number of important benefits for dogs and cats. Keeping their coat and skin clean helps lower the risk of skin problems, as well as flea and other parasite infestations. When it’s hot outside, keeping dogs well-groomed also helps them stay cooler and regulate their body temperature, which reduces the risk of heat stroke.

Other grooming services, such as teeth cleaning and nail trims, are also important for optimal health. Teeth and gum problems can put pets at risk of developing other health issues. Dental problems can also lead to tooth loss, making it harder for them to eat and causing discomfort. This results in a lower quality of life. Keeping their nails trimmed helps prevent them from getting their claws caught and possibly being torn off. Shorter nails are also more comfortable for them to walk around with.

Grooming at Our Pet Hospital in St. Johns

When your pets come in for grooming, our professional groomers will use the right supplies and equipment to help them look and feel their best. We have oatmeal shampoo available for pets with sensitive skin, along with brightening shampoo for pets with white or light colored coats. Our groomers will brush your pets’ hair when they’re done being bathed and trim their coat if needed.

During these bath and brushing services, we’ll let you know if we find any evidence of parasites or skin problems, so you can have these treated promptly. We can also lower your pets’ risk of parasites with flea and tick treatments. We can also clean your pets’ teeth and give their nails a trim and pedicure to keep them in optimal condition. We look forward to helping your pets stay as healthy as possible with regular grooming. Please note that all pets must be current on their rabies vaccines before coming in for grooming.

Contact Your Local Vet in St. Johns for Pet Grooming

If your pets are in need of haircuts, nail trims or other grooming services, contact Bluestar Pet Hospital at (904)-230-9099. We offer quality pet grooming in St. Augustine, St. Johns, Jacksonville, and the surrounding area.

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