Comprehensive Veterinary Care at Bluestar Vet in Jacksonville, FL

If you are looking for high-quality veterinary care utilizing state-of-the-art technology, then you should bring your pet to Bluestar Pet Hospital in Jacksonville, FL. From preventative wellness, to emergency veterinary services, we are here to offer a full range of animal care services. Whether you have a senior pet with health concerns, a new pet, or simply want to ensure your pet is in the best hands possible, we are here to assist you.

We know that your pet is part of your family which is why we always aspire to deliver exceptional veterinary care to ensure your pet receives the treatment they need.

Veterinary Care services provided in Jacksonville, FL

At Bluestar Vet, we offer personalized care because each pet is unique. Our veterinary care is always designed to meet the needs of your pet, giving them love, attention, and quality healthcare. Some of the services we provide include:

Preventative Care

We know that you love your pet and want them to live a long a healthy life. Regular check-ups are the best way to promote overall health for your pet. It’s important for you to maintain yearly wellness checks for us to establish a baseline for your pet’s health and allow us to monitor any changes that could indicate problems in the future.

Routine check-ups should start with puppy and kitten exams. During these important first appointments we will vaccinate your pet to protect them against potentially deadly diseases.

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Another portion of preventative care includes designing a wellness program for your pet, depending on their age, health conditions, activity level, and nutrition.

Preventative care visits include:

  • Physical exams
  • Blood Work
  • Intestinal Parasite Screening
  • Heartworm testing
  • Flea, tick, and heart worm prevention
  • Vaccinations
  • Dental care
  • Nutritional and behavioral counseling

Pet Dental Care

We take your pet’s dental health very seriously because of the impact it can have on overall health. Just like humans, pet require good oral care to keep the teeth and gums free of plaque and tartar buildup. During your wellness checks, we will evaluate the health of your pet’s teeth and gums. If there are any signs of oral health issues, we may recommend a professional dental cleaning which is done under general anesthesia.

Some oral health issues that we may find include:

  • Broken / cracked teeth
  • Bleeding in the mouth
  • Swollen, red gum tissue
  • Excessive drooling
  • Chronic bad breath

In addition to dental care at the vet’s office, we encourage you to maintain oral hygiene with your pet at home. This includes teeth brushing and other products designed to prevent plaque and tartar buildup.

Spay and Neuter

Spay and Neuter in Jacksonville, FL area


When you first get your puppy or kitten, it’s important to schedule an appointment to talk to us about when he or she should have a spay or neuter surgery. The timing of this surgery will depend on several factors. For instance, male kittens can be neutered as young as five months, but we’ll often wait longer for male puppies to fully mature. Other factors include:

  • Size and breed – Smaller breeds can often have surgery younger than larger breeds.
  • Lifestyle – Pets that spend a lot of time outdoors should be spayed or neutered younger.

There are many medical and behavior benefits to having your pet spayed or neutered. For female pets this includes:

  • Preventing unwanted pregnancies
  • Lowering the risk of ovarian or uterine cancers
  • Lowering the risk of mammary gland tumors
  • Eliminates stress from heat cycles

For male pets this includes:

  • Lowering the risk of prostate problems
  • Eliminates the development of testicular cancer
  • Urine spraying or marking is reduced or eliminated
  • Mounting behavior is reduced

Sick Pet Care

When your pet is ill, we will go above and beyond to ensure they will get the best care possible. We offer full diagnostic services in-house. Some of the diseases that require veterinary care include:

  • Kidney Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Pancreatitis
  • Parasitic Diseases
  • Heartworm
  • Pneumonia
  • Parvovirus

Comprehensive, compassionate veterinary care in Jacksonville, FL

At Bluestar vet, we are committed to providing exceptional veterinary care for the four-legged members of your family. We believe that your dog or cat deserves excellence, which is why we provide state of the art veterinary care and engage in continuing education on the latest advances in veterinary medicine. If you are in the Jacksonville, FL area give us a call today at to book an appointment at Bluestar Vet.


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Dr. Venkat Gutta
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At Blue Star Pet Hospital and Grooming, Dr. Venkat Gutta provides high-quality and modern veterinary services to all your furry friends! At Bluestar, Dr. Gutta and his team are committed to providing your pets with both a full-service Veterinary Hospital and a modern grooming salon (St. Johns location only) for dogs and cats. Our primary commitment is to provide your companion animals with the highest quality medical care. Dr. Gutta strongly believes in treating your four-legged companions as family members and providing them with excellent yet affordable veterinary care. At Bluestar, we also think that it is important to educate you, as a pet owner, and ensure that the unique needs of you and your pet are met at all times. Through Bluestar, Dr. Gutta and his team serve clients in Durbin Crossing, Jacksonville, St Augustine, St Johns, CR 210, and other areas. Whether it is pet vaccinations, surgery, techniques, advanced diagnostic testing, or even flea and tick control products, we give you access to the best and most cutting-edge treatments and technologies. At Bluestar, we believe that your pet is the STAR!