Veterinarian in Jacksonville, FL discusses options for soft tissue surgery for dogs and cats

There are times when our pets need specialized surgical care. Dr. Venkat Gutta and the team at Bluestar Pet Hospital and Grooming believe in comprehensive care, including soft tissue surgery for dogs and cats. Pet parents in Jacksonville, FL are urged to visit the practice to find out how the team can help with surgical options.

What is soft tissue surgery?

Soft tissue surgery is any surgery that does not involve bones and joints. These routine procedures are sometimes elective and other times necessary for a pet’s health. These procedures are performed right in our office with proper sedation for the pet to ensure they are comfortable before and during their procedure. After these surgeries, pets may be prescribed pain medications to aid in the healing process.

What is the most common soft tissue surgery?

Dr. Venkat Gutta has performed thousands of common soft tissue surgeries such as spays and neuters. This is a specific surgery of the reproductive system to keep unwanted litters of kittens and puppies from occurring. Pet parents who have no intention of breeding their pets should have this procedure performed as soon as possible. Not only can it keep unwanted litters from burdening pet owners and animal shelters, but it can also significantly reduce the risk of many reproductive infections and cancers, such as prostate, breast, and testicular cancers. Our highly skilled veterinarian team is here to provide these routine procedures for pets of all ages, though most pets will benefit from this surgery at the age of six months or younger.

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What can my pet expect from spaying or neutering?

These standard procedures are one of many ways to be a responsible pet owner. Dr. Venkat Gutta welcomes pet parents into the office for a consultation. During this visit, the veterinarian describes the procedure and can answer any questions they may have about this surgery. Information regarding post-operative care is provided, including recommendations to ensure a speedy and healthy recovery from surgery. Some testing may be done on the pet beforehand to ensure that they are safe to undergo general anesthesia and to check their overall health. Pain medication is also administered and provided for several days following the surgery to ensure the patient is comfortable as they heal.

What are other surgical treatments are considered soft tissue surgery?

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Alternative surgeries that are known as soft tissue treatments may also include:

  • Abdominal surgery
  • Upper airway surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Head and neck surgery
  • Thoracic surgery
  • Surgical oncology

If Bluestar Pet Hospital and Grooming cannot perform a treatment, our veterinary team has connections with other pet professionals in the community to provide a trusted and experienced referral.

How much does surgery cost?

The cost of surgical procedures at Bluestar Pet Hospital and Grooming will vary significantly from pet to pet. The breed, the pet’s size, and the pet’s current health and wellness will impact the price of treatment. A more invasive surgery will cost more than routine, simple procedures. This should be kept in mind when scheduling a surgical treatment. Fortunately, our veterinary practice understands the importance of surgical care when needed, as well as performing treatments that are affordable for families. Our front office team can be consulted while planning a procedure to create a custom payment plan to finance expensive surgeries. Most pet parents can pay per month to finish payment of a necessary operation to reduce the financial burden.

When will my pet need soft tissue surgery?

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Routine, elective procedures such as spaying and neutering can be performed at any point. However, it is often recommended while cats and dogs are young. Other soft tissue surgeries may be performed on an emergency basis to get a pet back to health.

Please speak to our team about your pet’s needs

If you are interested in having surgery performed for your pet, the team of Bluestar Pet Hospital and Grooming encourage you to call the office to schedule an appointment. Our Jacksonville, FL practice is located at 11048 Baymeadows Road, Ste. #4, and can be reached by phone at (904) 720-4272. We also have a location in the St. Johns, FL area as well, serving pet patients in and around both communities.


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