Routine veterinary services can prevent many common canine illnesses

Many common canine diseases can be prevented with professional veterinary services at Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming. Preventative care at our clinics in St. Johns, Florida, supports the long, healthy life of your pet. These services also present affordable alternatives to potentially costly treatments to resolve existing conditions. We take a proactive – not reactive – stance.

Preventive care guidelines for dogs

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) advise that all dogs undergo an examination by a veterinarian at least once every year. It is recommended that senior dogs (and cats!) be examined every six months. Our veterinarians get their patients into a healthy routine that is appropriate, based on each pet’s unique needs and stage of life.  

Routine preventative care visits generally involve: 

  • Evaluating your pet’s health history, including lifestyle and stage of maturation, behavior, and nutrition
  • Completing a comprehensive examination to assess the overall physical health of your pup, including the state of the teeth and gums and the condition of the body, coat, and muscles. 

After reviewing your dog’s medical history and completing the physical exam, we may also assess for medical conditions (such as arthritis) or infectious and zoonotic diseases (such as heartworm). Similarly, we may discuss oral care to address signs of conditions like canine gum disease. Further assessments may be necessary based on your pet’s risk of developing medical conditions due to factors such as breed or age.

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Fundamental to preventing potentially life-threatening diseases, all our canine patients should also:

  • Be tested for heartworm annually
  • Undergo tests for internal parasites at least once each year 
  • Receive year-round, broad-spectrum preventives to control heartworm, fleas, and intestinal parasites
  • Get on a schedule of core vaccines to protect from diseases such as rabies and DAP (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvovirus)
  • Be immunized with non-core vaccines as needed and as determined by factors such as your pet’s lifestyle and potential exposure to transmissible diseases

As needed, we may also discuss procedures such as spaying and neutering. Unaltered dogs and cats are at increased risk of developing mammary and prostate cancers. So, there is an important preventive element associated with these procedures, in addition to the apparent benefit of controlling the pet population in our communities. Everything that we recommend is in the best interest of your “bestie” and is tailored to ever-evolving needs. 

Bluestar Pet Hospital and Grooming also offers a full range of in-house diagnostics. Our onsite lab is equipped to test for many disorders and detect the cause of your pup’s physical and behavioral changes accurately and promptly. Accurate diagnoses inform treatments that effectively resolve dogs’ symptoms and underlying conditions. So, your puppy can get back to feeling tail-wagging good! Call us at (904) 720-4275 to schedule an appointment at our St. Johns location. Be sure to ask about our many in-house wellness plans. These plans cover many preventive services for an affordable and predictable fee.

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