Jacksonville, FL pet hospital provides new pet parents with a puppy care checklist

Congratulations on your new puppy! Puppies can bring a lot of fun and excitement to any family, but it is important that pet parents fully understand the responsibilities that come with a new puppy. Veterinarian care at a quality pet hospital in Jacksonville, FL is critical to ensuring your pet gets off on the right foot with health and nutrition. We are pleased to offer a checklist of services and supplies to help you get started with the newest member of your family!

A puppy’s first visit to the veterinarian

As soon as you obtain your new puppy, it is important to bring it to a veterinarian for a full health screening and examination. At Bluestar Pet Hospital and Grooming, we offer a variety of services for new puppies. We encourage pet parents to be responsible pet owners and get them the appropriate treatments they need. When pet parents bring their new puppy into the veterinarian’s office, we often supply a checklist of necessary services to ensure proper health and wellness.

  • Spaying and neutering – part of being a responsible pet owner is to help in reducing the overpopulation of dogs and cats. Young pets are perfect candidates for early spaying and neutering to keep them from reproducing in the future. This surgical procedure is often done when pets are around 12 weeks of age, though it can be performed for older dogs and cats.
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  • Proper nutrition – food is the foundation of a pet’s health, and our veterinarian will provide suggestions for dietary needs for your pet. We walk pet parents through the importance of quality food and provide many quality brands in our office for immediate purchase. Having your pet on the wrong food can have consequences, so it is essential that you provide only the best for the newest member of your family!
  • Microchipping – even indoor pets are at risk for getting loose. Responsible pet owners should consider the benefits of having their pet microchipped. This is a fast and easy procedure during which a chip is placed into the pet and holds valuable information such as the pet owner’s phone number and location in the event their pet is found wandering. These chips can be accessed by veterinarians and animal shelters.
  • Vaccinations – many conditions that can develop in a dog or cat can be avoided entirely with proper vaccinations. It is essential that pet parents work with a professional to determine the timeframe for necessary vaccinations.  Some vaccines are needed annually, while others may be necessary every few years. Our team can break down the timeline for vaccinations to ensure pets get them when they need them.
  • Medications – puppies are at risk for a variety of issues that can develop, including fleas, ticks, and heartworm. All of these can be problematic for pets, so by speaking with a veterinarian regarding appropriate medications to maintain the pet’s health, owners can breathe easy. Dr. Venkat Gutta will educate pet parents on medications that can be given proactively to greatly reduce the risk of these pests and problems.

Outside of medical care, what else do I need for my new puppy?

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Below is a simple checklist of items that are often used for new puppies in the family. In addition to getting proper medical care at Bluestar Pet Hospital and Grooming, we often recommend that new pet owners invest in the following items:

  • Crate or playpen of appropriate size
  • Chew toys
  • Leash and collar
  • Bowls for food and water
  • Enzyme carpet cleaner for accidents
  • Puppy pads (if potty training for indoors)
  • Appropriate and nutritious pet food
  • Flea medication
  • Heartworm medication
  • Pet shampoo for baths
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs
  • Bitter apple spray (for deterring chewing of furniture)

Ready to learn more about how to care for your new family member?

Contact Dr. Venkat Gutta of Bluestar Pet Hospital and Grooming today in the Jacksonville, FL community by calling  . We also have another location conveniently located in St. Johns, FL and both offices are always accepting new pet clients!


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