Something To “Woof” About with Preventive, Emergency and Surgical Care All Under One Roof

Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming is proud to provide affordable, comprehensive, and cutting-edge care to clients in and around Jacksonville, Florida. As a full-service animal hospital and veterinary clinic, we have the onsite capabilities to promptly and accurately detect the cause of your cat’s or dog’s concerning symptoms. Likewise, our onsite lab and advanced diagnostic technologies allow us to develop treatment plans that quickly ease our patients’ pain and responsively and effectively treat the underlying causes of a wide range of conditions.

Additionally, our investments in technologies also support fast, painless, convenient, and precise services and treatments. For instance, ultrasonic instruments minimize bleeding and discomfort during dental cleanings that promote the health of your pet’s mouth and the rest of their body! Generally, light-touch or conservative techniques and technologies preserve tissues and minimize trauma to the treatment sites. In doing so, a pet’s comfort is maintained before, during, and after the procedure or visit and as they heal.

So, we distinguish favorably from other veterinarian practices in northern Florida. Our clients appreciate that:

  • We emphasize proactive care and preventative services. We can prevent and control many conditions that affect the health of our pets and their quality of life. For instance, a regular schedule of vaccinations and preventive products protects against many serious contagious or parasitic diseases.
  • We make getting preventive wellness visits and associated services as easy and affordable as possible. We offer financing through CareCredit® as well as our in-house wellness plans for puppies, kittens, and adult dogs and cats. Many preventive services are covered for a predictable fee, and generous discounts are provided for treatments and services such as grooming.
  • All of the care you need to keep your pet healthy and happy is under one roof. Our team is as adept at “nose-to-tail” examinations as they are at providing guidance on nutrition, expertly cleaning the teeth and gums, trimming nails, and preventing mats with grooming (which also supports a healthy gait and skin health). We also provide our clients with peace of mind. Emergency, critical care is available in the event of sudden health declines, accidents, or trauma. We accept patients from overnight facilities for continuous monitoring, too. Our comprehensive and extensive knowledge and experience get pets out of pain and back to their tail-wagging good selves in no time.

We’ve been happy to provide this glimpse into what makes Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming different from other veterinarians in Jacksonville. Now, we encourage you to experience these differences for yourself. Call us at 904-720-4272 to schedule a visit at our Baymeadows location. We also welcome any questions that you may have!