How to Choose a Pet Groomer, as Noted by a Veterinarian in Saint Johns, FL

Your pet becomes part of your family. Your furry family member requires proper grooming to look and feel his or her best. Grooming consists of more than just styling your pet. Your pet also requires a nail trimming service and possibly a parasite removal service, which must be done properly to ensure your pet’s safety and health. Choosing the best pet groomer is vital for this reason.

1. Find Groomers

The first step of choosing the best cat or dog groomer is to see the options available in the area. You can’t just select any one of your options because not all groomers are equivalent to one another. Look at reviews online and determine which ones have the highest rating and best reviews from previous clients. Talk to your friends who own pets for their recommendations. Pick your top choices.

2. Certification

Contact your top choices and make sure the groomers on staff are certified. It’s not always required a cat or dog groomer has a certification such as the National Certified Master Groomer credential. A certification ensures the groomer has training and education in grooming-related matters. Keep in mind, a groomer without professional training could trim your pet’s nails too short and cause a serious issue such as an infection. Those with proper education have a comprehensive understanding of safety protocol including first aid. They’re also knowledgeable about anatomy, pet handling and the handling of flea and tick control products.

3. Make Inquiries

When speaking with the various groomers, ask about their formal training. Inquire about how long the groomers on staff have been working in the field. Experience is key when handling animals. Ask any other question you feel is important to the health and well-being of your pet. Narrow down your choices.

4. Take a Tour

Schedule a tour of the facilities you’re interested in. When walking around the building, make sure it’s well-lit and cleanly. Make sure the cages are appropriately sized for pets. They should be large enough to accommodate a pet comfortably. Check to see if dogs and cats are in separate areas. Talk to the staff to make sure they’re knowledgeable and caring. Ask if they keep the pet’s information on file including emergency contact information and medical records. This ensures your pet’s safety. The groomer will be able to better handle an emergency, and you’ll know they’re able to reach you immediately if needed. Make your final decision based on the facility you feel is the best pet groomer.

Contact Your Local Veterinarian in Saint Johns to Get Your Pet Groomed

Knowing how to choose a pet groomer is vital to your pet’s safety, and if you select Blue Star Animal Hospital, serving Saint Johns, FL and the surrounding area, you know your pet is in good hands with a well-trained and experience grooming and medical staff. Contact us today at (904) 720-4275 to schedule your first appointment.