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Bluestar Pet Hospital in St. Johns, Florida, likes to emphasize that age is not a disease. Your dogs and cats can live well and well into their “senior years.” However, like people, advancing age is a risk factor for certain illnesses. 

Older pets, too, are more likely to develop diseases than their younger counterparts. Senior pets’ immune systems aren’t as strong compared to junior pets. Their bodies can’t defend as readily against attacks from parasites and other “invaders.” And older dogs and cats may not bounce back from illnesses as quickly as they did when they were puppies and kittens.

Emergency vet services are available should you notice potential symptoms of serious illnesses or if your pet appears distressed due to an existing medical condition. Our experienced and talented team of veterinarians and animal care professionals are also here to help in the event of traumatic injuries or potential toxicities. Services that fall under the “emergency” category, then, mean a lot of different things. Basically, in situations where the health and safety of your pet are at stake and moments matter, we spring into action. 

Our competent and highly qualified team is further supported by advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. These tools help to get your pets back to feeling like their tail-wagging-good selves in no time. And, of course, we are equipped to care for pets of all ages – from the youngest kittens and puppies to the most senior dogs and cats. When alarming symptoms of disease arise, conditions appear to progress, or accidents happen, you can have peace of mind that your beloved pet is in good hands with: 

  • Exceptional continuity of care – we are equipped to receive pets transferred from overnight emergency hospitals 
  • Extended hours, because we know how accidents do not keep “standard office hours” 
  • Ongoing monitoring and observation to support your pet’s utmost comfort, healing, and recovery 
  • Care that is not cost-prohibitive; for instance, we do not charge additional fees for emergency vet care on the weekends
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To ensure that cost pressures never stand between you and the care your pet needs for many more quality, healthy years, we offer a range of payment options, including financing through CareCredit® and affordable in-house wellness plans. 

These plans provide considerable discounts on a wide range of services and are designed with the unique needs of kittens, puppies, and adult cats and dogs at heart. Additionally, these plans cover the cost of preventative services, notably routine nose-to-tail checks or well exams. 

Such checks become all the more important as your pets get older and are vulnerable to diseases associated with aging. Kidney disease, diabetes, joint disease, heart disease, and vision and hearing loss represent some of the most prevalent medical conditions among older pet populations. 

Remember: We strive to minimize your pet’s risk of developing conditions that can threaten their health and quality of life. Similarly, we intervene with problems as early into the disease process as possible. We accomplish this with regular health evaluations at our office in St. Johns, Florida. 

Call Bluestar Pet Hospital at (904) 720-4275 today to schedule an appointment. We are here for your pet’s every need and at every phase of life. 

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Meet Dr. Venkat Gutta Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming

Dr. Venkat Gutta
Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming

At Blue Star Pet Hospital and Grooming, Dr. Venkat Gutta provides high-quality and modern veterinary services to all your furry friends! At Bluestar, Dr. Gutta and his team are committed to providing your pets with both a full-service Veterinary Hospital and a modern grooming salon (St. Johns location only) for dogs and cats. Our primary commitment is to provide your companion animals with the highest quality medical care. Dr. Gutta strongly believes in treating your four-legged companions as family members and providing them with excellent yet affordable veterinary care. At Bluestar, we also think that it is important to educate you, as a pet owner, and ensure that the unique needs of you and your pet are met at all times. Through Bluestar, Dr. Gutta and his team serve clients in Durbin Crossing, Jacksonville, St Augustine, St Johns, CR 210, and other areas. Whether it is pet vaccinations, surgery, techniques, advanced diagnostic testing, or even flea and tick control products, we give you access to the best and most cutting-edge treatments and technologies. At Bluestar, we believe that your pet is the STAR!