Regular dental cleanings fight “doggie breath,” support the lasting health of your pup

The health of your dog’s mouth provides a window into the health of their body. Plus, oral health and function affect every aspect of a dog’s life – from how well and how comfortably they can chew to the ability to sleep or play without pain. Think of the last time you may have had a bad toothache. Chances are, you didn’t feel so tail-wagging great! This same notion applies to your pup. For these and other reasons, canine dental cleaning is a cornerstone of routine and ongoing wellness visits at Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming in Jacksonville, Florida.

The process

The annual dental “prophylaxis” or cleaning is included within our in-house wellness plans; however, our veterinarians may recommend more frequent cleanings depending on factors such as your pet’s age and their health status, and the presence of active oral disease. 

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During the “prophy” or cleaning service, we evaluate your pet’s mouth and also have our finger on the pulse of your pet’s general health. Your pet is then sedated safely for utmost comfort. We furthermore use advanced instruments, such as an ultrasonic scaler, to gently yet precisely remove the causes of disease from the teeth and gums. Notably, plaque forms when the bacteria in your pup’s mouth feed off lingering food particles. This bacterial plaque can then harden into stubborn tartar that inflames the gums and builds on the surfaces of the teeth. We also polish the teeth, which can aid in attacking the problem of dreadful “doggie breath.” Antibiotic therapy may also be applied to fight harmful bacteria and resolve existing infections. 

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As mentioned, plaque feeds on food that stays on your dog’s teeth and oral tissues. So, it’s important to arm our clients with information on how to brush and clean their pup’s teeth that they can trust. Many dogs tolerate having their teeth brushed. We are happy to demonstrate techniques to introduce brushing into your pup’s healthy routine. We can also provide “veterinarian-approved” products to aid in keeping your canine’s mouth healthy and looking and smelling great. These products may include edible chew treats, anti-plaque wipes, water additives, gels, and even specialized “tooth-friendly” diets. 

Do not wait for signs of problems, such as listlessness or disinterest in food, to arise. Contact us today to schedule your pup’s visit at our Jacksonville office. You can reach the Bluestar Pet Hospital team at 904-720-4272.

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