A guide on when to neuter your male dog; factors we consider

Spaying and neutering help control the number of unwanted pets roaming our communities. It also promotes a healthy, happy pet and household. With that being said, at Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming in Jacksonville, Florida, we understand that our clients often have many questions about these common reproductive procedures. 

Notably, you may be wondering about the best age to neuter your dog. Our veterinarians are privileged to provide trusted guidance that supports your pet’s lifelong health and well-being. So, we will base our recommendations for the timing of this procedure, or orchiectomy, on factors such as:

  • Your dog’s breed
  • Their age
  • Overall physical condition (comorbidities)
  • Lifestyle

We account for these and other characteristics when determining the best time to undergo this process, which generally involves removing the testicles of male dogs and cats. In turn, the pet cannot reproduce. Unpleasant and unhealthy breeding behaviors are also minimized or eliminated. Plus, altered pets tend to have protection against certain diseases; for instance, neutered pets are at lower risk of painful skin conditions such as perianal fistulas and of developing testicular cancer and perianal adenomas (tumors).

Accounting for the many factors that vary from pet to pet, the American Animal Hospital Association set forth a series of canine life stage guidelines. According to these guidelines, smaller breed dogs (weighing less than 45 pounds as adults) should be neutered by six months. Dogs that weigh more than 45 pounds, falling into the “large breed” category, may ideally undergo an orchiectomy after their growth has stopped. Again, this varies from breed to breed. But generally (for large dogs), growth ceases between nine and 15 months. 

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We also offer safe, advanced, and affordable spaying options for female dogs and cats. These recommendations, too, vary based on the age and heat cycles that the cat or dog has gone through and their breed, size, disease risk, and lifestyle. 

We congratulate you on being such a responsible pet owner and neighbor in Jacksonville! Call Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming with any questions you may have specific to your pets about neutering or spaying. We can be reached at 904-720-4272

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