Signs Your Furry Friend May Have Skin Allergies

Skin allergies are not only irritating to your furry friend but can also lead to more severe health issues. If you notice your dog scratching more than usual, it could be due to allergy symptoms. Through the animal dermatology services at Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming in St. Johns, Florida, you can determine the cause of your pet’s discomfort so he can get treatment. Working with an experienced canine allergist can help you find solutions to canine skin allergy issues. Signs Your Pet May Have Skin Allergies The following are telltale signs your pup may be suffering from skin allergies: … Continue reading

The Importance of Proactive Skin, Coat, and Nail Care for Your Dog

The health of the skin, coat, and nails can tell us much about what is happening inside your dog. Additionally, many common dermatology conditions that affect the quality or appearance of the skin or fur can also negatively affect your pet’s well-being and quality of life. In turn, at Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming in Jacksonville, Florida, we take these conditions seriously and give them the prompt, proactive care and attention they deserve.  For starters, we assess your pet’s health on this front during regular visits to our clinic. These routine appointments allow us to check for suspicious lumps, bumps, hair loss, discoloration, flea … Continue reading

Dermatology services: Keep your pet looking and feeling great!

Your pet’s skin and hair reflect their internal health. Likewise, your dog’s or cat’s skin and fur can affect the health of their entire body. For instance, diabetic dogs may have dull-looking coats because their bodies are not converting and absorbing essential nutrients properly. Additionally, pets with allergic, bacterial, or fungal diseases may damage their skin from biting or scratching frantically. Broken skin is vulnerable to secondary infections.  “Dermatology” refers to preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases affecting a pet’s hair/fur, skin, and nails. Our clinic, Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming in Jacksonville, Florida, takes dermatology seriously. After all, “grooming” is … Continue reading

Dermatology for pets and Proactive care is more than a “shiny coat,” which supports a healthy life

Among humans and animals alike, the skin is the largest organ and is multi-functional; it partly protects your internal organs from outside environmental threats and regulates body temperature. So, when your pet’s skin is not healthy, it can affect his or her comfort, quality of life and even increase the risk of developing systemic problems. Likewise, the skin can also reflect internal problems. Many systemic diseases or imbalances can manifest as dull hair or itchy, inflamed, and flaky skin. Dermatology care at BlueStar Pet Hospital & Grooming in St. Johns, FL, is proactive. We work with our clients to prevent … Continue reading

Exceptional Care for your pets skin needs at Bluestar

If your pet’s exhibiting signs of dermatological issues, including itching, redness, licking, or biting, Bluestar’s expert Veterinary dermatological services can help you navigate the complex factors that might be affecting your animal’s skin. Florida is home to several potential factors that can influence the condition of your pet’s skin. The wet, warm weather can take a heavy toll, leading to irritation and discomfort. Florida’s also home to ticks and fleas, and other biting insects that might irritate your animal’s skin. Other common factors include allergies and diet-related issues. Luckily, once we know the source of the irritation, most dermatological issues can be … Continue reading

Meet Dr. Venkat Gutta Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming

Dr. Venkat Gutta
Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming

At Blue Star Pet Hospital and Grooming, Dr. Venkat Gutta provides high-quality and modern veterinary services to all your furry friends! At Bluestar, Dr. Gutta and his team are committed to providing your pets with both a full-service Veterinary Hospital and a modern grooming salon (St. Johns location only) for dogs and cats. Our primary commitment is to provide your companion animals with the highest quality medical care. Dr. Gutta strongly believes in treating your four-legged companions as family members and providing them with excellent yet affordable veterinary care. At Bluestar, we also think that it is important to educate you, as a pet owner, and ensure that the unique needs of you and your pet are met at all times. Through Bluestar, Dr. Gutta and his team serve clients in Durbin Crossing, Jacksonville, St Augustine, St Johns, CR 210, and other areas. Whether it is pet vaccinations, surgery, techniques, advanced diagnostic testing, or even flea and tick control products, we give you access to the best and most cutting-edge treatments and technologies. At Bluestar, we believe that your pet is the STAR!