Comprehensive, quality services for your pet’s every need and at every stage of life

Bluestar Pet Hospital in St. Johns, Florida, likes to emphasize that age is not a disease. Your dogs and cats can live well and well into their “senior years.” However, like people, advancing age is a risk factor for certain illnesses.  Older pets, too, are more likely to develop diseases than their younger counterparts. Senior pets’ immune systems aren’t as strong compared to junior pets. Their bodies can’t defend as readily against attacks from parasites and other “invaders.” And older dogs and cats may not bounce back from illnesses as quickly as they did when they were puppies and kittens. Emergency vet services are available should you notice … Continue reading

We are your “home” for prompt emergency veterinary care that supports a fast, healthy recovery

The first step toward a healthy recovery when the “unexpected” strikes is establishing a veterinary “home” for your pet. At Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming in Jacksonville, Florida, we are privileged to be that partner. Our clinic hours fit into busy schedules and account for the fact that emergencies rarely arise during “standard operating hours.” Furthermore, we are well-equipped to receive client transfers from overnight emergency facilities. Due to our considerable onsite experience and sophisticated diagnostics and critical care services, we are also equipped to resolve even the most complex or challenging cases.  We recommend that clients create a first … Continue reading

Advanced, quality emergency veterinary services that you can trust

We at Bluestar Pet Hospital empathize with the extreme stress that our clients are under when their furry family members don’t act “right,” refuse to eat or otherwise display behaviors that are outside of what is normal for them. Some symptoms, such as labored breathing or persistent vomiting, are incredibly scary. Fortunately, our veterinarians and staff have advanced capabilities and equipment to provide the highest quality emergency veterinary services to our extended family throughout the St. Johns, Florida area. Ensuring the health of your pet As a true pet hospital and animal care center, our veterinarians and team are available with … Continue reading

Find an Emergency & Critical Care Pet Hospital in Jacksonville

When an emergency happens that affects your pet, you want an immediate response from someone who knows what to do. The expert team at Bluestar Pet Hospital is very familiar with emergency situations, and they can offer emergency and critical care services for your pet at their Jacksonville, FL, and other Florida locations. Clients with an emergency issue can call or for a prompt response. Our team will take your call the moment you need it, and they can offer guidance to any problem over the phone. They will also set up an appointment that moment, if necessary. While every … Continue reading

What are some signs that my pet needs emergency services? Jacksonville, FL vet gets you through the “worst”

At Bluestar Pet Hospital and Grooming, we take great pride in our accessible, urgent care and state-of-the-art emergency vet services. This provides peace of mind to pet parents. In some situations, moments matter. Drs Sri, Gutta, and Amar of our Jacksonville, FL location are happy to provide a guide to get your dog or cat back to feeling his or her best in no time. What “trouble signs” should I watch for? Well, that depends on if you have a dog or cat. Cats tend to be more subtle in their expressions of pain or discomfort. Dogs can be more … Continue reading

Is this an Emergency: How to Recognize An Emergency Requiring Critical Care In Your Pet

As a pet parent, or in general, some emergency and critical care situations are super obvious. Your pet stopped breathing, is bleeding profusely, has a large open wound, etc.—and of course, you will bring your fur baby in to see the veterinarian. But what about those concerns that seem to have you wavering? You know the ones that happen on the weekends and have you second-guessing whether every move your pet makes is not their typical—a slight limp, a missed meal, one bout of soft stool, or a small new rash? When and how do you decide that your fur … Continue reading

Pet hospital in Jacksonville, FL offers emergency assistance and critical care for your animals

Pet parents in the area of Jacksonville, FL who are seeking an animal and pet emergency center and hospital are welcome to book an appointment with the team at Bluestar Pet Hospital and Grooming. Our providers are here to assist you with your furry family members, providing services to both cats and dogs. Pet parents can reach out to us in an emergency or call us to schedule routine care—including immunizations, teeth cleanings, and treatments of various medical concerns. We offer immediate care for pets who require assistance with an urgent medical emergency. The vision of Bluestar Pet Hospital and … Continue reading

Emergency services available at Blue Star Pet Hospital in Jacksonville, FL

When it comes to a pet emergency, seconds matter. At Blue Star Pet Hospital in Jacksonville, FL, we want you to know that you have access to an Emergency Pet Hospital that is ready to take care of your fur-ever friend. Our experienced staff works together to provide comprehensive emergency care that you and your pet deserve. In the event of an emergency, please call our office at . Below, we’ll look at some of our emergency and critical care services for pets and give you some advice on how to handle a pet emergency. Blue Star’s Emergency Services Pet … Continue reading

Meet Dr. Venkat Gutta Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming

Dr. Venkat Gutta
Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming

At Blue Star Pet Hospital and Grooming, Dr. Venkat Gutta provides high-quality and modern veterinary services to all your furry friends! At Bluestar, Dr. Gutta and his team are committed to providing your pets with both a full-service Veterinary Hospital and a modern grooming salon (St. Johns location only) for dogs and cats. Our primary commitment is to provide your companion animals with the highest quality medical care. Dr. Gutta strongly believes in treating your four-legged companions as family members and providing them with excellent yet affordable veterinary care. At Bluestar, we also think that it is important to educate you, as a pet owner, and ensure that the unique needs of you and your pet are met at all times. Through Bluestar, Dr. Gutta and his team serve clients in Durbin Crossing, Jacksonville, St Augustine, St Johns, CR 210, and other areas. Whether it is pet vaccinations, surgery, techniques, advanced diagnostic testing, or even flea and tick control products, we give you access to the best and most cutting-edge treatments and technologies. At Bluestar, we believe that your pet is the STAR!