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Pet Euthanasia Procedure

Blue Star Pet Hospital Offers End of Life Care and Euthanasia Services
pet eutanasia services

Most owners have their pets for many years, and inevitably the time comes when they must say goodbye to an animal that has become so ill or infirm that euthanasia is advisable. It is at these times that an experienced veterinary hospital can provide sensitive end of life services that make this process a little easier. At Blue Star Pet Hospital, we can provide the individualized attention you and your pet need at this critical time.

Making End of Life Decisions

Whether to put an animal to sleep is a decision that should be made between the pet owner and the veterinarian. Your vet can provide the detailed health information that you will need to determine if the animal has received all necessary treatment and whether or not the animal is in physical distress. In turn, the pet owner must prepare emotionally to let the animal go and must decide whether a natural death or euthanasia is appropriate.

The Process of Dog Euthanasia

Putting a dog to sleep can be an extremely emotional experience for owners. It’s important for them to know that all has been done that could help the animal and that it’s now time to consider euthanasia to prevent further suffering. It’s normal for pet owners to experience some fear and doubt about making this important decision for the pet, but we will provide accurate information and emotional support to help you. We will ensure you will have sufficient time before the procedure to say your goodbyes and reassure your pet, if you so desire. When you are ready, a sedative will be given to relax the animal. Then, the veterinarian will administer an injection, so that the animal falls deeper and deeper into sleep and breathing ceases. You will also be provided with information about taking your pet home for burial or for having the vet arrange disposal of the remains.

Contact Blue Star Pet Hospital for End of Life Pet Care

Dr. Venkat Gutta and the trained staff at Blue Star Pet Hospital know that pet owners want compassionate, quality care for their pets throughout their lives. When end of life issues arise, we can advise you on the right decision for your cherished companion and can assist you through the process of euthanasia with sensitivity and your pet’s needs in mind. If you have questions regarding pet euthanasia, call Blue Star Pet Hospital today to learn more about this important issue for pet owners.

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