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Parasite Testing and Control

Testing and Control for Parasites in Dogs and Cats

When cats and dogs come into contact with internal parasites, their immune system and health may take a serious hit. The parasites will wreak havoc on your animal’s circulatory and gastric systems if left unchecked for any length of time. Here at Bluestar Pet Hospital, we take the diagnosis and treatment of internal parasites very seriously to keep your pets in great health. We take a measured approach to the removal and prevention of parasites to avoid stressing your pet’s body too much. When you bring your pet to us, you can trust that we will perform all care routines needed for the elimination of internal parasites for good.

veterinarian examining dog for parasite testing and control

Types of Internal Parasites in Dogs and Cats

There are many different types of parasites in dogs and cats, including whipworms, roundworms, hookworms, giardia and heartworm. The parasites are often encountered while traversing the local environment with your pet. Indoor and outdoor areas frequented by many different pets have the highest risk of spreading internal parasites.

Importance of Parasite Control

In the earliest stages, parasites in dogs and cats do not cause any serious symptoms. As the infection goes on, however, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss and a distended abdomen commonly occur. Heartworm infections are even more serious, as they can cause anemia, weakness and blood in your pet’s stool. Immediate treatment and prevention is required to protect your pets from the most common internal parasites.

Vet Tests and Treatment for Parasites in Dogs and Cats

Cat and dog worms treatment start with the diagnostic process. Vets must determine the exact parasite infecting your pet before finding the most appropriate treatment option. The diagnostic process usually requires a stool sample that you can bring from home or have the vet collect for you. Once the parasites are clearly identified, vets will work toward their elimination with targeted medications and treatments.

Scheduling a Vet Appointment for Your Pet

To keep your pets safe from intestinal parasites in dogs and cats, you must work alongside your veterinarian to identify and treat these pests as soon as they appear. If you need to make an appointment with your vet for the diagnosis and treatment of intestinal parasites in dogs and cats, call 904-379-9373 to reach our Jacksonville clinic or 904-230-9099 for our team in St. Johns, Florida.


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