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Kitten Nutrition Plan

Devising a Kitten Nutrition Plan from a Saint Johns, FL Veterinarian

veterinarian making kitten nutrition plan in Saint Johns, FL

Getting a new kitten is exciting, and you obviously want him or her to be happy and healthy. Making sure your precious angel grows healthy requires more than just putting a bowl of cat food out and making sure it's always filled. A Saint Johns, FL veterinarian like one from Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming, serving Saint Johns, FL and the surrounding area, can help make sure your pet has all the necessary nutrients and grows at a healthy rate.

Kitten Feeding Schedule

Taking care of a kitten means you must execute a feeding schedule in order to ensure your pet is eating enough but not too much that it causes obesity. Animals are notorious for overeating until they learn their limits–if they ever learn; therefore, you can't set out a filled bowl of food each and just keep refilling once it's empty. This leads to your cat overeating and gaining unnecessary weight. Just like humans, your cat should have three meals each day: one at morning, noon and night. A kitten feeding schedule should remain consistent, so your kitten develops a routine. Portion control is vital. Each meal should be small and the same size. A veterinarian can help you figure out the best portion size for your kitty. Your cat's portion size will change as they grow and may need to be altered if your pet is too thin or too heavy. If you worry about your cat getting adequate exercise, you may want to place the food in a different place each day, so they must find it.

Kitten Nutrition Guide

Your kitten has different nutritional needs than a full-grown cat. During the first few weeks of your pet's life, his or her weight doubles or triples. For this reason, your furry family member needs a higher amount of protein as well as amino acids, minerals and certain vitamins. Only food specially designed for kittens provides him or her with the proper nutrition. About 30 percent of your kitten's diet should consist of protein for energy and muscle development. You should consult with your veterinarian about specific nutritional requirements. Getting a kitten nutrition guide from your vet will help you decide on the best cat chow for your pet.


How can you resist giving that sweet little face treats, especially when he or she behaves well? Ask the vet about which treats are best. People food isn't designed for animals, so you should avoid giving your pet table scraps.

Start Your Kitchen Nutrition Plan With Our Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming

Schedule an appointment for your fuzzy bundle of joy by calling Bluestar Pet Hospital & Grooming, serving Saint Johns, FL and the surrounding area, to develop a kitten feeding schedule, receive a kitten nutrition guide and to learn about taking care of a kitten properly. Contact us at 904-230-9099 today.

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